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And just like that — it’s October. Here’s what the weather will be like

Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 2 1/2, intently concentrating on the task at hand at Castle Island on a recent afternoon.Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

And just like that, it’s October.

September seems to pass by really quickly each year, but it might have something to do with the fact that we lose more light each day in September than any other month. We started the month with just over 13 hours between sunrise and sunset, and today we are down to 11:44 of daylight. The loss of light will continue through Halloween and beyond, but the rate at which the gap between sunrise and sunset is getting smaller will actually decrease.

Daylight continues to fade a bit more each day as we head closer to the winter solstice in

This first day and first weekend of October is looking pretty nice, especially to start. Sunshine will boost temperatures back into the 60s after a few spots saw their first 30-degree weather of the season this morning. Winds will be light.


It’s quite chilly this morning with the first 30s of the season for some.NOAA

With October underway, if you haven’t already taken advantage of your favorite local farm, most of this weekend will be an ideal time to visit.

There are, however, some forecasting challenges for Sunday. A cold front to our north on Saturday will produce clouds and some showers across northern New England. Some of those clouds may spill into the skies north of the Mass Pike for Saturday, but otherwise it’ll be a dry day with temperatures 65 to 71. You may actually feel a little more moisture in the air as dew points tick up.

Dew points will be above average in the 50s to lower 60s by

It will not be as chilly this weekend at night, but still comfortable for sleeping with readings down in the 50s. On Sunday, that front will get a little bit closer. On the northern side, temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s, but on the southern side it’ll be well into the 70s. Sunday looks to me like one of those days where places along the Maine coast are quite chilly, but areas southwest of Worcester will be downright warm.


It will be cool, in the 50s and 60s, Sunday afternoon north of Boston, but much warmer south of the

Eventually this front is going to get hung up in the northeastern part of the United States and allow an area of rain to ride along it. It’s likely we’ll start seeing some showers sometime Sunday night and a steadier rain by Monday. Parts of the region, especially south of Boston, may feel tropical as higher humidity tries to move north.

An area of rain will push across New England late Sunday and Monday.Tropical Tidbits

There’s still a very large hurricane in the central Atlantic that’s going to ride north between Europe and the United States. It poses no threat to any land at this time.

Hurricane Sam is a big powerful major hurricane in the Atlantic.NOAA

This hurricane is so large that the waves are going to move out in all directions and some big swells can arrive on our shores this weekend along with rip currents. If you are taking advantage of the warm weather, bring some extra caution with you at the beaches.

Rip currents are possible this weekend at area beaches.NOAA