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Facebook and Instagram are down, so here’s the best of what people are saying about it on Twitter

WhatsApp and Facebook app icons.Patrick Sison/Associated Press

When Facebook and several of its subsidiaries, including Instagram and WhatsApp, went down in a massive, sustained outage on Monday, many on social media were cut off from their favorite means of communication. So, naturally, they took to a Facebook rival, Twitter.

As the hours dragged on, many traded jokes and swapped rumors about the outage, which a Facebook official said Monday afternoon was related to “networking issues.”

Here’s a look at how people on the (so far) surviving social network are reacting to the Facebook outage.

Twitter users skeptical of Facebook suggested the timing, coming one day after a whistleblower appeared on “60 Minutes” to discuss her decision to publicly reveal deceptive statements and practices by the social media giant, was suspicious.


Still others poked fun at Senator Richard Blumenthal’s recent gaffe in which he asked a Facebook official during a Senate hearing if she would commit to “ending Finsta.”

Others imagined Twitter gloating about the situation (assuming it could handle the increased traffic).

But others were quick to offer a reminder that WhatsApp functions as a primary means of communication for millions, making an outage costly and dangerous.

For its part, Twitter (and other platforms) seemed aware of the increased chatter.

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