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Brockton High School student brings gun to school, hands it over to police

BROCKTON - Brockton High School was put under a shelter in place order Friday morning when teachers learned a student was carrying a handgun in their bag, officials said.

The student allegedly told peers about the gun, who relayed the information to teachers, officials said at a press conference Friday afternoon. When questioned by teachers about the weapon, the student confessed and was directed to school police assigned to the 4,000-student school who safely confiscated the weapon, officials said.

The student did not show the gun to anyone, officials said, and they were arrested by Brockton police. Details on the student’s age, the charges they face, and reason they gave for bringing the firearm to school were not immediately available Friday.


“Of course it’s disturbing,” said Superintendent Michael Thomas. “Nobody wants a gun in their school, especially a school where there’s over 5,000 people that come into it every day. But again, we train for these moments and I’m proud of how it was handled.”

The school was placed into lockdown while law enforcement searched the sprawling campus out of an abundance of caution.

There are no metal detectors at Brockton High School, but staff members are trained to handle various situations involving weapons, Thomas said.

Nervous parents who flocked to the school were instructed by police to wait in the parking lot of a nearby Stop and Shop.

As she waited to pick up her foster child, Tam St. Peter, of Easton, recalled memories of a shooter entering the high school she attended in Georgia.

“A kid should not have to worry about this sort of thing,” she said.

The students were released to their parents around noon.

This is a developing story and will be updated when more information becomes available.

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