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Here’s what players had to say after the Patriots beat the Texans Sunday

Mac Jones (right) connected with Hunter Henry for a touchdown on Sunday.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

A selection of comments from players on both sides after New England’s comeback win:

Patriots quarterback Mac Jones on the comeback victory:

“I think the offensive line did a great job and I think it all starts with them. They were doubted all week and there was this and that, and all the noise around that and they came out and they played really hard and they played together. I think I only got hit one time the whole game. So just shoutout to those guys and they are a big reason why it happened, and it was just – we just out-competed.”


Patriots linebacker Matt Judon on whether his two sacks in the red zone was a turning point in the game:

“No. It was [Lawrence Guy’s] block They still got points out of that drive. Then I believe we came out at halftime, we turned the ball over and they got points out of that drive. We finally stopped them on third down, third-and-short and Lawrence Guy just blocks the punt. It was (Lawrence Guy), correct, he got it? So, he blocks the punt and that’s what turned it around. It wasn’t me.”

Jones on the team’s defense in the second half:

“You know, they played well all year, and it’s our job to put more points up on the board so the games are not as close as they are. We have a great defense, veteran group . . . they just played hard and they played together, and they are a lot of fun to go against in practice. They are going to keep getting better and we need to raise our offensive bar to what they are doing on defense.”

Jones on the touchdown pass to tight end Hunter Henry:

“He did a good job getting open and sometimes the ball didn’t always go to him on that play, but he ran a good route and I just saw it and he made a really good catch and I had plenty of time. The offensive line gave me time back there.”


Henry on his connection with Jones and what they were doing offensively:

“First off, it’s good to talk to you guys after a win. I feel like I’ve been talking to you last couple weeks after some tough ones. So, it’s good be to on the other side of it. Yeah, it was, you know, I felt like in the first half, we played really well offensively. We moved the ball up and down the field, the fumble was very costly obviously. And then we came out the second half, stalled, threw the pick, not good. Three-and-out. But other than those two drives and the fumble, we were consistently moving the ball. I felt like really good balance today.”

Judon on what is was like to play with Jamie Collins:

“Jamie is way more athletic than me. He plays every spot. He plays every spot on the defense. He can do any and everything. He is kind of like a [Dont’a] Hightower. Just to have him out there, him rush the A-gap and get a sack, I think he was only out there for like two defensive snaps, and then he got a sack. I wish I could do that. But I’m on the edge, and when he’s in the middle going for it, we are going to have 100 percent confidence in what Jamie can do and when Jamie is out on the field.”


Henry on Jones’s toughness:

“Yeah, he’s tough. He stands in there. It says a lot to the older guys, guys that have been around, to be that young and stand in there and fire the ball, it gives a lot of confidence to the receivers, tight ends and to the offensive lineman, too. He’s doing a tremendous job.”

Judon on what the win says about his team:

“I said this earlier in the week, but we are not here to hang our heads. We are not here to feel down. We are not here to feel sorry for ourselves. We are all here to win games. Regardless of the score, our record, we are a really good football team. We’re going to make that clear here in the upcoming weeks, but we have to just continue to grind. We have to continue to come into work, ready to work, and willing to work, and understand the stuff that we did bad and then understand the stuff that we did good, and we’ve got to correct it.”

Texans QB Davis Mills on how disappointing it was that Houston wasn’t able to finish the game off:

“Obviously, it’s tough. You don’t want to lose football games ever. So, I mean it’s a harsh feeling, but I think the guys rallied together. We felt how we wanted to a lot during that game, and we can learn from that and find ways to win in the coming weeks.”


Texans DB Justin Reid on the frustrating loss:

“This one hurt a lot. The game was right there. We had control of the game and we let it slip through our fingertips. Couple unfortunate plays, couple plays that they made, and credit to them to go and close the game out. Just wish we could have some of them back. You always do whenever games end the way they do like that.”

Mills on if his confidence was growing in the second half:

“I wouldn’t say it was going up. I think I had a steady level of confidence throughout the game. I think the guys around me were making plays and it felt good going out there scoring touchdowns.”

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