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"Hubert" was reunited with his owner immediately after being pulled from a West Roxbury drain pipe.
"Hubert" was reunited with his owner immediately after being pulled from a West Roxbury drain pipe.Boston Fire

Fire crews used a camera to locate a dog that became trapped inside a drain pipe in West Roxbury after breaking loose on a walk Wednesday afternoon, according to the Boston Fire Department.

The dog, a mixed breed hound named Hubert, was trapped for more than two hours before he was freed and reunited with its owner, said firefighter Brian Alkins, a department spokesman.

The dog escaped while out with a dog walker at Millennium Park, Alkins said. Boston fire crews responded to the scene shortly after the dog’s escape.

Several other agencies, including National Grid, Boston Water and Sewer Commission, and Boston Drain Company, aided fire crews in locating and rescuing the dog, according to Alkins.


Fire crews dug into the dirt in order to reach the pipes where the dog was trapped underground. They drilled holes into the pipes, then inserted camera equipment to pinpoint the dog’s exact location, Alkins said.

But as rescue teams dug deeper into the ground, the dog became frightened by the noises, moving further into the pipe system. The fire chief then decided they must dig past the dog’s location to prevent him from traveling deeper into the pipes, Alkins said.

“When we dug past the dog, we actually got ahead of it, so we were able to stop the dog from getting into that location and we were able to pull him out,” Alkins said.

Hubert was not harmed, and immediately reunited with his owner after being rescued, he said.

“It was a team effort, and it was good call by the chief,” Alkins said “By getting ahead of him [the dog] we were fortunate enough to locate the dog and get him out safely.”

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