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Somehow this SUV ended up on these stairs in Waltham.
Somehow this SUV ended up on these stairs in Waltham.Waltham Police Department

Every day, police officers respond to reports of all sorts of events and nonevents, most of which never make the news. Here is a sampling of lesser-known — but no less noteworthy — incidents from police log books (a.k.a. blotters) in our suburbs.


A bizarre accident happened recently when an SUV drove up a flight of stairs outside a home in Waltham. Police and firefighters responded to the scene of the crash, and thankfully neither the driver (nor anyone else) was hurt. Police got photos of the SUV perched precariously on the stairs and shared the images on social media. “When unexpected visitors use the wrong staircase,” police tweeted on Sept. 30. “Luckily no one was injured. But this is why it’s important to watch where you are going and use care when you are driving.”



But bad drivers are everywhere — not just Waltham. In Southborough, for example, police noted two recent accidents that could have easily been prevented. The first one occurred on the night of Sept. 16, when a vehicle jumped the curb of a parking space at the Red Roof Inn and smashed into the front wall of one of the guest rooms. Officers responded at approximately 11:58 p.m. but the vehicle had already fled the scene. The second crash happened Sept. 19 at approximately 6:08 a.m. when a car driven by a Marlborough resident crossed into the opposite lane of travel, then went off the road and struck a house at 140 Marlboro Road. The driver was cited for unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; negligent operation of a motor vehicle; and a marked lanes violation. Thankfully there were no injuries from either crash.


At 1:25 a.m. Sept. 27, a representative from a repossession company informed Saugus police that he had repossessed a vehicle, and unbeknownst to him there was a man sleeping in the back who woke up as it was getting towed away. According to the log entry, the man allegedly drove the 2007 Ford Edge off the tow truck, which caused heavy front end damage to the vehicle, and then took off down Walnut Street heading towards Walden Pond Avenue. Officers were dispatched to the area and a neighbor told police that the Ford had driven toward the horse stables at the end of the road. Officers located the vehicle and it was towed (for real this time — and without anyone in it).



At 4:13 p.m. Sept. 6, Melrose police received a call from someone at a home on Brazil Street who had a ring stuck on his or her finger. Police transferred the call to the fire department to provide assistance.


At 7:51 a.m. Sept. 21, Medfield police got a call from a woman who said that at approximately 2 a.m. Sunday a group of teenagers tried to open her mailbox and she moved them along. The following afternoon she found a half empty beer can in her mailbox and wanted the incident logged.


At 8:41 a.m. Aug. 31, a Wellesley police officer spoke with an employee of the town’s transfer station and recycling center about a road rage incident that had occurred a short time earlier. The worker told the officer a man driving a white Volkswagen Jetta twice attempted to throw items at him, apparently because he felt that the trash truck cut him off. The officer was able to identify the vehicle involved, but the driver didn’t want to discuss what transpired. The officer issued him a citation for littering.


Emily Sweeney can be reached at emily.sweeney@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter @emilysweeney.