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Coronavirus updates

Rhode Island has a high level of transmission: 170.7 total new cases per 100K population in the past 7 days

Fully vaccinated: 726,357 (of about 1.1 million residents)

New cases: 286

Test-positive rate: 1.5 percent

Currently hospitalized: 106


Total deaths: 2,860

More stats from the R.I. Department of Health

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Leading off

Fewer Rhode Islanders said they visited friends, went to the gym, or went to a café, bar, or restaurant in September than they did in June, as the Delta variant led to a spike in COVID-19 cases across the country.

The COVID-19 Consortium for Understanding the Public’s Policy Preferences Across States has been tracking Americans’ behaviors outside the home since the beginning of the pandemic, asking questions about whether they have participated in common activities within the previous 24 hours.

In Rhode Island’s case, 18.35 percent said they had visited a friend within the previous day in September, down from 26.64 percent in June. Workouts at the gym were down to 7.94 percent (from 9.62 percent in June), and 19.41 percent of residents said they had gone to a café, bar, or restaurant (compared to 22.69 percent in June).

Only one category saw a slight uptick from June: use of mass transit. The survey found that 5.61 percent of Rhode Island residents said they had been on a subway, bus, or train within the previous 24 hours, the highest level since the consortium started polling in April 2020.


The Rhode Island trends are in line with national averages, and the slight dips in participation in common activities is no surprise, given the spike in COVID-19 cases. In June, Rhode Island averaged 23 new cases a day. By September, it was seeing 323 cases a day.

The consortium, which includes researchers from Harvard, Northeastern, Rutgers, and Northwestern, has now polled residents in every state on a range of issues – including support for the governor, president, and vaccine mandates – 14 times since April 2020.

Here’s a look at the trend lines for all behaviors outside the home.

Chart showing Rhode Islanders' behaviors outside of the home
Chart showing Rhode Islanders' behaviors outside of the homeCovid States Project

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What’s on tap today

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