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Boston City Council candidates answer six big questions facing the city

Boston skyline at nightRyan Huddle/

The Boston mayoral race gets the bulk of attention during elections, but the City Council also plays a key role in governing the city. The council has 13 seats: four at-large councilors, representing all Bostonians, and one each for all nine districts within the city.

September’s preliminary election whittled the field to eight at-large candidates and two each for most of the districts. The incumbents in Districts 1, 2, and 8 are running unopposed.

The Globe asked all 23 candidates six questions about major issues facing Boston today. Here are their responses, edited lightly for clarity. The at-large candidates’ responses appear below; click on one of the tabs above to see answers from candidates for specific district races.


To find which district is yours, use this form on the Secretary of State’s website.



Mass. and Cass

Carbon emissions

Police budget

Fun in the city