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Did you watch “Hunters”? The audacious first season of the Amazon series, released in 2020, is about a group of Nazi hunters in 1977 New York who go after the war criminals hiding in the United States who are conspiring to build a Fourth Reich. The drama isn’t for everyone; it has a comic book quality, with some flashy action sequences, but then it’s bound up with the darkness of the Holocaust and the complexities of vigilante violence.

Now comes word that production is underway on season 2. And in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, show creator David Weil said that the upcoming story line will involve “perhaps the most villainous character in history.” Yup, Hitler.


I don’t want to spoil the first season, for those who might want to catch up with it when season 2 comes out, probably next year. The impressive cast included Al Pacino, Dylan Baker, Logan Lerman, Carol Kane, Jerrika Hinton, and Lena Olin, and some of them will be back for the second round, along with newcomer Jennifer Jason Leigh.

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