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Watch: Jerry Remy’s funniest moments in the Red Sox broadcast booth

Jerry Remy was knowledgable, friendly, and loved the game — and for 33 years, he made us all laugh.

Jerry Remy was like family for Red Sox fans after 34 seasons in the broadcast booth, mostly for NESN.

His accent, his warm personality, his love of the game; Sox fans welcomed Remy into their living rooms every night with open arms.

Remy died Saturday after battling cancer since 2008. He was 68.

Remy’s time in the booth was full of laughs and memorable moments. Here are some of the best over a remarkable — and hilarious — career on the call.

Jerry Remy (left), Dave O'Brien, and Dennis Eckersley were back at Fenway this season.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

‘Here comes the pizza!’

There’s only one place to start. Let’s go back to Patriots Day 2007.

After one Sox fan interfered with a foul ball, and a second responded with a pepperoni projectile, one of Remy’s broadcast career highlights ensued.


Remy’s slow-motion, straightforward, deadpan analysis as Don Orsillo struggles to keep it together — this clip circulates social media every year, and for good reason.

Don Orsillo, DDS

Orsillo and Remy were at their best when they didn’t take themselves too seriously (which was more often than not).

So during a 2014 game, when Remy lost a tooth in the booth, Orsillo procured a pair of pliers and went to work.

Orsillo may not have a future in dentistry, but his and Remy’s chemistry over 15 years made for must-watch TV.

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‘Are you regretting it?’

NESN reporter Guerin Austin managed to convince Remy to try a toasted grasshopper — a Safeco Field delicacy — in 2018. How she did that is a mystery. Remy’s thoughts on the taste are not.

The air guitar

Remy often put his body on the line at second base — at times, he did the same in the booth.

‘This used to be a family show!’

Crowd shots are always risky. The NESN crew learned this lesson during one 2011 game.


The silence — it takes Remy a full 90 seconds to even get a word out, and still can’t keep it together — and Orsillo’s attempts to keep it cool make things so much funnier than the initial incident.

Watch here.

The broadcast booth was a fun place to be over three decades; Jerry Remy made it so.

Share your favorite moments in the comments.

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