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Michelle Wu’s grass-roots campaign holds promise for similarly far-reaching mayoral term

Following her victory in the Boston mayoral race, Michelle Wu spoke to supporters at her victory party Nov. 2 at the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts on Tremont Street.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

As an Allston-Brighton volunteer for Michelle Wu, I confirm Mary Lou Akai-Ferguson’s statement that the campaign granted neighborhood volunteers considerable autonomy in organizing their local communities (“Political newcomer helped run ‘Wu train,’ ” Metro, Nov. 8).

Mary Lou Akai-FergusonPat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Mayor-elect Wu and her campaign manager, Akai-Ferguson, along with the campaign’s paid staff, recognized and respected the local knowledge of neighborhood activists and volunteers. Sadly, this recognition and respect was lacking in many of the Boston political campaigns on which I have worked as a volunteer.

While many progressive campaigns claim to be a movement, the Wu campaign transformed that claim into a reality. I have confidence that as mayor, Wu will take a similar grass-roots approach to governance, an approach that will empower Boston residents to create a more equitable and inclusive city.


Siobhan McHugh