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The California chocolate company Guittard, whose baking chips are a favorite among home bakers and pastry chefs, recently introduced a new line, Beyond Sugar. One of the offerings is 72 percent cacao baking wafers created without refined sugar, but instead with organic coconut sugar. Similar to the company’s other assorted baking morsels, these dark chocolate little discs have a rich flavor and creamy mouthfeel, and also a subtle hint of coconut and slight nuttiness, minus the nuts. Without refined sugar, a serving (23 pieces) has merely two grams of sugar and one gram of net carbs and is both keto and paleo-friendly. No stomach-upsetting sugar alcohols are included. Guittard, which started in San Francisco in 1868, named its new release Santé, or French for “to your health.” If you’re prone to snacking on an open bag of chocolate chips, these are indeed a healthier choice ($6 to $7 for 9-ounces). Available at Whole Foods Market and Shaw’s locations, or go to www.guittard.com.



Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.