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Here’s how the weather might impact Thanksgiving week travel

Highs Saturday will be in the 40s with light winds and lots of sunshine.NOAA

Thursday’s 70-degree weather is now just a pleasant memory as a northwesterly flow of dry air has brought colder temperatures along with plenty of sunshine to conclude the work week. There’s not a lot of precipitation in the forecast over the next week as we consider that Thanksgiving is now less than seven days away and a week from Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

For this weekend, Saturday is sunny and cold to start with light winds continuing through the day. Sunday is milder with a few clouds moving in and highs in the 50s.


The probability of at least one inch of snow is only high near the Great Lakes and the higher elevations of New York and Northern New England into Thanksgiving week.WeatherBELL/WeatherBell

Depending on what your source of information is, you might have seen some headlines about a potential storm early next week impacting holiday travel. Some of the models several days ago were forecasting the potential for a pretty strong storm system across the eastern third of the United States. As we’ve gotten closer in time the models have backed off on this idea and now we’re forecasting low pressure to move into Canada swinging through a cold front with some showers.

The loop below begins on Monday and takes us until the end of Thanksgiving.

A cold front brings showers to the east on Monday, but much of the country will be dry for the bigger travel days Tuesday and Wednesday next week.Tropical Tidbits

Notice an elongated area of green representing rain swinging through the region Monday followed by high pressure? At the end of the loop a storm does develop out in the Atlantic and that storm may be close enough to bring some gusty winds and chilly conditions for Thanksgiving but it’s equally probable the storm is far enough away and we’re just partly sunny and chilly. Either way right now there’s no indication of any significant weather beyond those showers Monday.

Rainfall of course does not impact travel as much as snow and there is the potential for some accumulating snow around the Great Lakes area and some of the higher elevations early next week. This creates more localized and temporary travel slowdowns, but nothing widespread.


The tightly packed isolars, those black lines, indicate breezy to windy conditions possible after Thanksgiving as a storm stalls in the Canadian Maritimes.Tropical Tidbits

Post-Thanksgiving and throughout the rest of the holiday weekend we will watch a storm out in the Atlantic become quite large but remain far enough away to have minimal impact here. The one thing we may have to watch is that it becomes quite breezy as the pressure gradient increases between high pressure over us and that storm out to sea.