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State Police seeking to identify dozens of ATV and dirt bike riders who attacked an elderly driver in Boston

Mass. State Police released video of the incident.Mass. State Police

State Police on Tuesday issued a public call for help to identify dozens of ATV and dirt bike riders who allegedly forced an elderly driver off the road in Boston last week, followed him, and then brutally attacked him, officials said.

The driver, an 82-year-old Brookline man, was seriously injured in the attack that occurred last Thursday, State Police said in a statement. He remains hospitalized.

Around 7:30 p.m last Thursday, the Brookline man was driving from Park Drive to Boylston Street near the Bowker Overpass when he spotted 30 to 40 off-road motorcycles approaching his car, the statement said. The cyclists forced the car onto the right side of the curb while some of the riders began smashing the car’s windows, the statement said.


A photo shared by State Police showing the front windshield of a car that was damaged in the incident. MSP News

The man drove onto the Bowker Overpass to Storrow Drive in an attempt to escape the riders, but several followed him and continued hitting and kicking the car, police said.

He continued driving down Soldiers Field Road, then tried to take the Cambridge Street off-ramp in Allston, but got stuck in traffic near the top of the ramp, according to State Police.

When the Brookline man rolled down his window to ask nearby drivers for help, a male started punching him through the open window, while other cyclists continued kicking the car, the statement said.

One of the suspects also threw a pipe through the Buick’s rear window, while another threw a large rock through a different window, the statement said.

Once traffic began to move, the man escaped by taking a left on Cambridge Street, driving himself to Joe’s Kwik Marks where he got out of his car and collapsed onto the ground, State Police said.

He was taken to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, where he remains hospitalized but is expected to live, according to State Police.


State Police are asking that anyone who witnessed the attack, captured video, or have any other information to call 617-727-8817.

Photos taken after the attack show the back and side windows of the man's car smashed in.MSP News

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