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Senator Mendes pitches a tent outside the State House

The East Providence Democrat, who is running for lieutenant governor, and her running mate, gubernatorial candidate Matt Brown, joined a group of seven people spending the night outside to call attention to homelessness

Rhode Island state Senator Cynthia Mendes, woke up from her sixth straight night of sleeping in a tent at the Rhode Island Statehouse. She and a small group of people are sleeping in tents to call attention to the increasing number of unsheltered residents in Rhode Island. "It's winter and Rhode Islanders are going to freeze to death if the state doesn't do something, she said on Monday, Dec. 6, 2021. "Safe and dignified housing is necessary and not too much to ask for. " When asked how she feels after sleeping in a tent and not going home during the day, but going to friends homes and coffee shops to warm up and get wifi, she says, "My body hurts. I'm tired, but it's nothing compared to what our friends who are unhoused go through. You can't rest. You are vulnerable to the weather, to harassment, to be robbed and to being criminalized by sleeping on the street."Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

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Coronavirus updates

Rhode Island has a high level of transmission: 339.9 total new cases per 100K population in the past 7 days

Fully vaccinated: 763,128 (of about 1.1 million residents)

New cases: 733

Test-positive rate: 6.2 percent

Currently hospitalized: 155Total deaths: 2,932

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Leading off

Wearing a wool hat, a scarf and a “Tax the Rich” T-shirt, state Senator Cynthia Mendes pitched a tent outside the State House on Tuesday night, saying she won’t go home until she’s sure the state’s homelessness crisis is resolved.


Mendes, an East Providence Democrat running for lieutenant governor, and her running mate, gubernatorial candidate Matt Brown, joined a group of seven people who planned to stay in tents on the Smith Street side of the State House overnight.

”We are in a crisis, and it’s utterly heartbreaking,” Mendes said. “We are out here because we want to make sure that no one freezes to death this winter.”

Mendes said she has been on the brink of homelessness herself. “I’ve been unhoused,” she said. “I was fortunate enough to have folks who found a place for my daughter and I when we were in between so we could get in a better place.”

Advocates have been sounding the alarm, saying they’ve never seen so many people living outdoors as Rhode Island reels from the pandemic, housing costs skyrocket, and shelter waiting lists swell. Rhode Island Kids Count reports that 574 Rhode Islanders slept outside or in their cars at least one night between Oct. 8 and Nov. 6, and 156 were in households with children.


State officials have taken steps such as earmarking $5 million for the creation of 275 additional beds for people without homes.

But with temperatures dropping to 30 degrees on Tuesday night, Mendes said far more urgency is needed as hundreds remain without homes. “Time is up,” she said. “This is an urgent crisis.”

Mendes noted Rhode Island has $1.1 billion in federal American Rescue Plan Act funding, and she said potential solutions include using just 1 percent of that money to put people without shelter in hotels this winter.

”There are more people impacted than ever before,” she said. “And we have leadership that is sitting on billions of dollars and sitting on their hands. It’s criminal.”

Mendes said Capitol Police asked the group to leave, saying they could be arrested for putting up tents and sleeping there, and the State Police arrived. “We said we are gathering respectfully and in deep solidarity,” she said. No one was arrested, and she was still there Wednesday morning.

”My jaw hurts from chattering from the cold,” she said. “No one should have to experience this.”

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