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Throughout her childhood, Globe Santa coin bank sat on the kitchen counter year round

Paola Dionisio, a student at the University of Massachusetts Boston, translates letters written in Spanish at Globe Santa.Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

I grew up in Westford, and my parents subscribed to The Boston Globe. All through my childhood, a small coin bank sat on the kitchen counter for Globe Santa. The bank was cylindrical, with clear sides, so we could see the pennies and dimes slowly accumulating throughout the year. Around Thanksgiving, we would sit at the kitchen table to sort, roll, and count the money, and then my mother would write a check for the total (plus a little more) and send it in for the Globe to distribute to those in need.

It’s been many years since I moved away, but I still remember the lessons I learned from that annual tradition: that we should keep those in need in our hearts all year round, that children benefit from being taught to share, and that small contributions can add up to make big differences in the lives of others.


Thank you for all you’ve done, and all you do.

Katherine Tucker

Jacksonville, Fla.