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Lucian Fuller has a lot to juggle

We caught up with the entertainer, who will be performing in “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre, to talk about all things travel.

Lucian Fuller at Niagara Falls.

The last time he was in Boston, Lucian Fuller was juggling for tourists at Faneuil Hall more than two years ago. “The energy of the crowds was amazing,” he recalled. “I can’t wait to experience them again.” Fuller, 38, will be performing in “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” at the Boch Center Shubert Theatre for six shows Dec. 10-12. The professional juggler/entertainer has performed in nearly 30 countries. In the United States, he has brought his high-energy, world-class juggling act to several iconic entertainment venues, including Universal Studios and Walt Disney World. Fuller began juggling at 16 years old after he saw the Gizmo Guys (a comedy juggling duo) at the Wisconsin State Fair. “I was hooked right away,” he said. And while Fuller has enjoyed all of the Cirque du Soleil shows in which he’s performed, he is especially excited about “Cirque Dreams Holidaze” — and being in Boston in December. “I’m hoping for snow,” the Orlando resident said. “Also, I’ve never seen Boston during the Christmas season, so I’m looking forward to it being all decorated.” Fuller added: “And I can’t wait to experience the Boston crowds again. I am going to do some interactive things with the audience, which is always fun. If the audience is having fun, I’m having fun; that’s really the essence of what I do.” We caught up with the Minneapolis native to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination? I love visiting Japan. It has amazing food, unique culture, and wonderful hospitality.


Favorite food or drink while vacationing? My favorite travel drink is fresh juice. I love making fresh juice from my travel blender. My favorite drink is called the “mean green kale and apple machine.” It’s made with two green apples cut up with a handful of kale and water. So good. My favorite food while traveling is any type of street food or any local food that is unique to the area. My motto is “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.” It’s a great travel tip to live by. Love to taste the unique cuisines of the country’s culture where I’m visiting. For example, tacos in Mexico, pinchos in Puerto Rico, or spicy beef panang in Thailand. You name it, I would try it. That’s the great thing about traveling; you get to taste a lot of amazing food.

Lucian Fuller at the Eiffel Tower.

Where would you like to travel to but haven’t? Egypt would be awesome. I would love to see the pyramids and see some mummies, too. Who wouldn’t?


One item you can’t leave home without when traveling? I like to travel with my Rubik’s Cube. It’s a lot of fun getting my best speed times during long hours waiting to board the airplane. Plus, it’s good for the brain. Beats looking at your iPhone all day.

Aisle or window? Window. You always get your elbows hit from a beverage cart rolling by when sitting in an aisle seat. Plus, with the window you get two options: You get to open the shade to look out, or you can close it to sleep with your head on the side of the shade. Window is always the best seat.

Favorite childhood travel memory? Going to Universal Studios theme park in California with my family when I was 6. I love the rides, shows, and theme park treats. So much fun.


Guilty pleasure when traveling? I love to scuba dive. I became a rescue diver in Thailand and fell in love with the lifestyle: sea life, sunshine, cool people, and chill atmosphere. If I’m traveling to a place that’s near the ocean or some cool dive spot, I try to go scuba diving. It’s definitely a hobby I really enjoy. Another travel pleasure is I do handstands in every country I visit. I have done handstands at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Niagara Falls in Canada, and on top of the famous Amsterdam welcome sign. I like to call my hobby “handstand across the world.” Maybe someday I’ll make a book!

Best travel tip? Always bring a lot of ear plugs with you. You never know when you may need them. Airports are noisy, it’s sometimes hard to sleep on the plane, etc. They have been my life saver for so many years. I always keep two on me whenever I travel just in case I want to zone out from the world and chill inside my head.