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Fort Point Channel floodgate . . . Northern Avenue Bridge . . . think of the possibilities

A view of the Northern Avenue Bridge in August 2018.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

I read with interest John Chesto’s article about the floodgate proposed for Fort Point Channel (“Plan sees Fort Point Channel blocking floods,” Page A1, Nov. 24). I greatly admire the vision of the Boston Water and Sewer Commission’s chief engineer, John Sullivan. As noted, this is an established technology that has been deployed around the world. I would urge concerned parties to take this seriously and consider that a projected cost of $200 million is a fair price for the benefits offered.

Further, I would urge a pause on the Northern Avenue Bridge plans to consider the marriage of the two projects. Such a combination would make two very useful areas of development into one world-class project, greater than the sum of its parts. The sculptural intent of the bridge project would be animated by a flood-control component. To start over would require design dollars, but it would be preferable to creating two unrelated projects adjacent to each other. It also could save construction costs while helping to mitigate the expected ravages of climate change over time.


I eagerly await the possibilities.

Frank W. Riepe