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Blind date: We were staring at each other, trying to assess what the other was thinking

Will these two daters decide to extend their evening?

Sarah F. and David R.Handout

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SARAH F.: 30 / e-mail marketer

WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: She’s a good listener who enjoys long discussions on life, philosophy, and feelings.

HER PERFECT MATCH: Jayson Tatum of the Celtics

DAVID R.: 34 / PhD researcher

FIRST THING PEOPLE NOTICE IN HIS HOME: A vocal-recording booth, a mini-climbing wall, and an electronics workbench

WHAT MAKES HIM A CATCH: He’s a good listener and an open partner.



Sarah I arrived first so the hostess ended up escorting him to the table. I got up from the table and we hugged.


David I was definitely attracted to Sarah. She greeted me with a really warm smile and a great energy.


Sarah The first thing that caught my eye was his smile. It calmed me right down. He broke the ice immediately and asked, “Are you just as nervous as I am?”

David Sarah and I covered a lot of ground. Sarah told me a bit about where she grew up and her time in LA as a video editor. We chatted about the menu, the wine, and the ambiance — turns out we have similar taste in reds — and we joked about poutine. I learned that I need to add “animal-style” In-N-Out Burger fries to my food bucket list.

Sarah Talking about food was a great icebreaker. Everyone loves food; it’s a universal topic.

David Sarah does a lot of volunteer work. I was really impressed; she’s clearly generous and driven, without losing a sense of fun and lightheartedness.

Sarah I discovered he was smart but humble, and funny but introverted. We talked about history, the craziness of human memory, traveling abroad, our graduate studies, and even the meaning of life. We apparently didn’t hold back.


David I had the gnocchi and we shared Brussels sprouts. The food and service were really good.

Sarah I ended up having pasta. I know, you aren’t supposed to have spaghetti on the first date, but I just made sure to twirl my pasta super slow to avoid it hanging out of my mouth.

David Sarah and I were well matched in our energy. As we got to know each other, things flowed more naturally.

Sarah There was a comfort throughout that I was surprised about. He was really listening to what I had to say, my beliefs, my passions. The talk wasn’t superficial.

David We had a lot in common — the vibe was fun, lighthearted, and kind.


Sarah The waitress asked if we were interested in dessert. That led to us staring at each other, trying to assess what the other was thinking. We ended up agreeing to go to another bar down the road.

David Deciding together to extend the date felt like we had built real trust. We joked around by testing each other about how much time had passed since we met — we both had lost track and were off by an hour and a half.

Sarah We all know that “time flies while you’re having fun.” I guess we were both having fun.

David We spent an hour or two at Silvertone, continuing a wide-ranging conversation. Once we finished our drink and realized it was getting late, we decided to close out. I asked Sarah for her number before seeing her off.



Sarah I’d like to. We had nice chemistry.

David I’d be happy to see her again.


Sarah / A

David / A+