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A calm weekend precedes a potentially wild-weather Monday

An enormous temperature contrast is forecast for Monday helping to bring about strong winds.WeatherBell

A strong cold front pushed through the region overnight and you undoubtedly noticed all the wind and even thunderstorms in some places. This front has set the stage for the colder air that has arrived to start our weekend.

Temperatures will be on the chilly side of average for the next couple of days, only reaching the lower 40s on Saturday and Sunday. Winds will diminish over the weekend but there will be a few clouds mixing with the sun, especially on Saturday.

The bright and sunny weekend ahead follows the dry and very sunny November we just experienced. When compared to average, the number of sunny hours in November was way higher than is typically the case.


This weekend if you’re still raking up leaves, putting up your Christmas lights, or even cleaning the gutters, the weather will generally cooperate if you can handle that chill.

There are many years in the record books with little snow during the first month of meteorological winter.NOAA

There’s still no snow in sight, but there are plenty of years where we don’t see much snow during the latter half of November or early December. For those of you who are hoping for a white Christmas there is still time for that to develop, but the overall pattern isn’t super conducive to snow storms right now.

And yes, as some readers have mentioned to me, our last really snowy winter, in 2015, also started mild, but that was just one year and has zero bearing on the winter ahead. There are way more differences in the atmosphere now than there were seven years ago.

After our seasonably cold and tranquil weekend the weather turns stormy for the start of the workweek. An anomalous flow of mild and moist air will take over early Monday boosting temperatures well into the 60s ahead of a strong cold front. It’s not out of the question that if there’s a little bit of sunshine some areas could hit 70 degrees, especially east of Route 495.


Winds will continue to pick up throughout the day and as the front gets close and sweeps through some of the gusts could be on the order of 40 to 50 miles per hour.

The GFS Model is forecasting strong winds Monday.WeatherBELL

Winds of this strength can cause scattered power outages, tree damage, and possible delays to things like commuter ferries and small aircraft. The system will move away on Tuesday with a return to blustery and chilly weather and highs around 40 degrees.

The next chance of storminess arrives in the middle of next week with rain or snow.

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