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Bob Dole knew A LOT about Rhode Island politics

The former senate leader paid close attention to Rhode Island politics over the years, including once playing bocce with a promising young Republican mayor named Vincent A. Cianci

US Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole addresses a campaign rally at the Calcot cotton marketing coop in Bakersfield, California,J. DAVID AKE/AFP via Getty Images

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Leading off

If you get a chance today, make sure you take some time to read an obituary or two for Bob Dole, the former senate leader and 1996 Republican presidential nominee who was a major player in American politics for much of the second half of the 20th century.


What you might not remember about Dole is that the Kansas Republican had a close friendship with former Rhode Island governor and senator John Chafee, and even made several visits to the state to support Republicans over the years.

A quick search of Dole’s archives that are housed at the University of Kansas show Dole paid close attention to Rhode Island politics over the years, including once playing bocce with a promising young Republican mayor named Vincent A. Cianci Jr. Dole also appeared at a Republican fundraiser at Rhode Island College in 1972, delivering a speech touting then-president Richard Nixon’s bid for re-election. But it was his relationship with Chafee that kept Dole returning to Rhode Island over the years.

In 1989, he traveled to the state to rally support for Chafee and other prominent Republicans, like then- representative Claudine Schneider, who was gearing up for a run for senate against Democrat Claiborne Pell.


”Rhode Island may be small in size, but I see big things in the future for Claudine Schneider,” Dole said in his prepared remarks.

An extensive document prepared ahead of Dole’s visit included the unfortunate reminder that “Rhode Island has always been a great state for scandal” along with the correction pronunciations of the names of other well-known Rhode Island politicians like then-representative Ronald Machtley (“MAKE-LEE”) and then-Cranston mayor Michael Traficante (“TRAF-FA-CANT-EE”).

Dole returned to Rhode Island four years later for another John Chafee fundraiser, where he praised the success of Republicans in statewide races and recognized the senator’s son, Warwick mayor Lincoln Chafee. “With a good Republican name like that, it’s no wonder he ended up politics,” Dole said at the time.

Dole’s speech in 1993 also noted the key role John Chafee would play in the health care debate, and mentioned that the two had recently discussed the issue in a meeting with first lady Hillary Clinton (she sent this thank you note to Dole after that meeting).

During his speech, Dole made sure to include a light-hearted jab at the notoriously long-winded president, Bill Clinton, who had just delivered his first message before a joint session of Congress.

”I have to admit that I got a bit worried during the president’s speech on Wednesday whether or not I’d make it here this evening,” Dole said. “As the president approached the one-hour mark, I thought that if he got his second wind, he’d keep speaking all the way through the weekend.”


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