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Our first snow of the season will be followed by a burst of warmth

Snow flurries fall along Commonwealth Ave.Nathan Klima for The Boston Globe

The first possible snow of the season always gets people talking a little bit, even if it’s a little bit of accumulation. That’s definitely the theme for the snow showers moving in for Wednesday.

It looks like we’ll get anywhere from a dusting to an inch or two in most areas but this is not the type of event where you’re going to need the snow blower, schools are called off, or we have to deal with snow banks to finish up holiday shopping. What’s more noteworthy in my opinion is the warm weather that’s going to move in here next week.


Not much snowfall is expected on Wednesday afternoon and evening.Dave Epstein

The midweek snow will be caused by a low pressure area moving out to sea. Temperatures are marginally cold enough for snow and I expect accumulation to be highest on grassy surfaces as well as soil and car tops. Some areas could just see flurries: think “mood snow” more than anything here.

After sunset Wednesday in places where it is snowing it may start to stick to roads as temperatures fall. This is when some slick travel is possible, especially on untreated surfaces. If this storm had come closer to New England and been stronger, we’d be dealing with a different story, but it’s just going to be too far out to sea to really provide any meaningful accumulation.

Wednesday's storm is projected to move too far east to provide much snow to New England.TropicalTidbits

One caveat I want to write about is the fact that models do show some enhancement, or banding, for a couple of hours with this system. The most likely spot is going to be the North Shore of Massachusetts and the seacoast of New Hampshire. It’s one of those situations where it may or may not occur, but I mention it because a couple of our higher-resolution models put it out there.

If the area does see some banding it could amount to some isolated towns getting accumulation over 2 inches.


It will be cold on Thursday and then we have a pattern change for the end of the week and the weekend. There’s going to be some showers Saturday and Sunday with temperatures in the 50s and perhaps even low 60s on Saturday and the 40s and lower 50s Sunday.

Next week, Pacific air will engulf the entire eastern part of the United States. This will be very warm air for December and we have another shot at temperatures getting well into the 60s in the next two weeks. Both the 8-14 and 6-10 day outlooks from the National Weather Service all but guarantee warmer-than-average temperatures heading towards Christmas.

Much warmer-than-average conditions are highly likely the third week of December.NOAA