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Blind date: ‘He and his friends had planned their own questions to ask when getting to know someone’

What will she think of this engineer’s pre-planned questions?

This week's daters: Gordon and Jackie.Handout photos

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JACKIE S.: 26 / consultant


WHAT MAKES HER A CATCH: Nerding out on franchises like LOTR and Marvel

GORDON G.: 26 / software engineer

HIS INTERESTS: Loves video games, Marvel movies, nerdy science stuff

HIS PERFECT MATE: Natalie Dormer running a bakery/plant shop



Jackie We had a late date, but I still got ready with two hours to spare!

Gordon I was very nervous. I had to relax by listening to music.


Jackie The waitress took me back to the table. He stood up to hug me and I noticed he was taller than I was even though I had heels on — this doesn’t happen often. He was really cute! Definitely my type. He dressed nicely for the date, too.

Gordon She was cute! She was dressed way nicer than I was and had on a fun pair of dotted pants.


Jackie We talked about the restaurant. I had requested the place — it’d been on my list for a while and I was excited to be there. We covered most of the usual first date topics, like work, hobbies, family.

Gordon She’s a really nice person. She volunteers teaching hockey to kids. We talked about what we liked to do in our spare time, where we would go on vacation, and how long we’ve been in Boston.

Jackie We live in the same town, actually. We’re both from out of state but went to college in Massachusetts and graduated the same year, are both oldest children, and recently discovered the joy that is Ted Lasso.

Gordon We both have a love for plants and enjoy spending time with kids.


Jackie I was surprised to learn that he and his friends had planned their own questions to ask when getting to know someone (“if you go to a museum, how long do you stay and what do you look at?”) that he brought up throughout the date.

Gordon We ordered a bunch of dishes and drinks. I would rate the food 4 out of 5.

Jackie We ordered three small plates — hummus, falafel, and a beef dish — and a lamb entree that we split. The food was wonderful and unexpected.

Gordon I was nervous at first but opened up once the food arrived. Getting drinks was a big help. Once we got past the formalities, it was fun to see more of her personality.

Jackie I felt very comfortable talking to him throughout the night. I was physically attracted to him, but in hearing more about who he was, I got more interested.

Gordon She seems to live a very rich life. It was nice to see what she is passionate about.


Jackie Both of us declined dessert, but it seemed like a natural end, not that we were actively wanting to go.

Gordon We stayed and talked more after paying the bill.

Jackie We exchanged numbers and he gave me a hug. I wish there was a little bit more of a spark at the end.

Gordon We hugged and said goodbye. I didn’t want to rush anything, especially on a blind date.



Jackie We’ve actually already texted about plans for another date. I liked the time I spent with him and want to get to know him more.

Gordon I think so.


Jackie / B+

Gordon /A+