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TV news anchor Jessica Brown on Greece, going for the gold in London, and eating her way through Boston

Jessica Brown in Greece.Handout

She’s been here for only four months, but new WCVB-TV Channel 5 news anchor and medical reporter Jessica Brown has already fallen in love with her new city. “It’s so beautiful and there’s so much culture here,” said Brown. “I’m a huge theater nerd, and seeing ‘Hadestown’ at the Opera House was a great introduction to Boston’s cultural scene,” she said, adding that she has also been impressed – maybe too impressed – with the city’s culinary offerings. “I’ve been trying to eat my way through the city, which has been a mistake,” she said. “I need to roll it back and slow down.” Prior to joining WCVB, Brown worked in Cincinnati, Ohio, and before that in Joplin, Mo., and in Atlanta. She called WCVB a “tight-knit station” and said “it’s been a great experience thus far.” We caught up with the Fort Lauderdale, Fla., native, who lives in Boston with her 4-year-old rescue pup, Rocco, to talk about all things travel.

Favorite vacation destination? Greece. And it almost didn’t happen: One of my girlfriends and I were trying to plan a trip and the idea came up, but we thought it would be more of a trip for couples. We decided to go anyway because we found a good deal. It was the best decision. Santorini is absolutely magical. The images from Oia were more beautiful than you can even try to capture on a camera phone. The people were so kind and the food was good. And we experienced all the adventurous things you could all over that island – from ATVing around the island, to jumping off a cliff in Amoudi Bay, to checking out the hot springs in the Aegean Sea, to trekking to Mykonos with the best of them. We caught every magical sunset on the islands ... it’s truly an event every night. A must-do trip; it’s one that I would do every summer if I could.


Favorite food or drink while vacationing? I look at food as part of the fun. I want to try whatever is local to the area, and any new mixed cocktail on the menu that sounds good. But a good steak always makes me happy.

Where would you like to travel to but haven’t? Japan. It’s top of my list. I just haven’t laid out all the details yet of how I’ll do it and how much time I want to be there. I want to experience everything from the food, the people, the history, the culture. … I would love to start in Tokyo and end up in Osaka.


One item you can’t leave home without when traveling? Portable charger is a must. Also, I’ve learned now to stash a few snacks like protein bars, or something easily packable, just in case ... whether you need it at the airport or on a long hike.

Aisle or window? Aisle. You just get that little bit of extra room to sleep on the side if you need so you don’t accidentally nod off on the passenger next to you. Yep, it’s happened!

Favorite childhood travel memory? Growing up, I would go to Jamaica, where my father is from, and Costa Rica, where my mother is from, almost every other year – alternating years to visit family. We would always go off the beaten path at some point during our trips. I always knew, even as a kid, that it was cool to have family from all over. I think that those trips with my family sparked my craving to explore so many different states, countries, and especially cultures.


Guilty pleasure when traveling? I splurge on the food. One time in London I got a chocolate dessert with actual gold on it. I was in London, so I went for it! Judge if ya want.

Best travel tip? Don’t wait. Even if you don’t have someone to go with, go anyway. Also, do at least one thing outside of your comfort zone.