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OK, so we eat more beef, pork, and poultry than lamb. Sheep everywhere ask, ‘And that’s a problem why?’

A term of endearment is to be “a lamb.”Wikimedia Commons/rawpixel.com

Iker Saitua’s essay about America’s preference for beef and pork over lamb was cogent, but I think there was a critical element missing (“The long history of Americans’ sheepishness about lamb,” Ideas, Jan. 2). Look at the face of the lamb in the article’s photo, its soulful eyes gazing back. How many households have a fuzzy “Lambie” toy that provided immeasurable comfort to youngsters and, when misplaced, provoked a meltdown and search party? A term of endearment is to be “a lamb.”

Farmers often avoid anthropomorphizing animals kept for slaughter. Watch “The Last Pig,” a 2017 documentary about a New York farmer who did just that, and ceased sending pigs to slaughter.


Angela Lin