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Even after finale, Dexter might not be gone for good

Michael C. Hall (left) as Dexter and Jack Alcott as Harrison in "Dexter: New Blood."Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME

This item contains spoilers for the finale of “Dexter: New Blood.”

I’m not here to write once again about my not-positive opinion of “Dexter: New Blood,” the reboot that finished up over the weekend. After I gave the series a thumbs-down, I was deluged with e-mails and tweets about my not-smart take and my not-high level of intelligence. Dexter Morgan is finally dead, shot by his own son, Harrison, giving viewers the big finish that probably should have come back in 2013, when the series originally ended.

Dexter is dead, but don’t think that means we won’t see Michael C. Hall playing him again, of course. I don’t expect a prequel to the original show, but, given that the “Dexter” franchise includes frequent interactions with dead people, I wouldn’t be surprised if Harrison got a spinoff and spent a good amount of time in it chatting with the ghost of his father. On “Dexter: New Blood,” Jennifer Carpenter’s Dead Debra was a constant presence, haunting her brother from the grave to try to keep him on track. Sure, at the end Dexter claimed his priority was his son, but then he did have his son kill him — no doubt leaving Harrison with many issues to process with Dead Dexter.

“Dexter: New Blood” was a huge hit for Showtime, and Jack Alcott was excellent in the role. It’s hard to imagine the cable channel just letting it all go. Over the show’s 10-episode run, it averaged more than 8 million viewers a week (across all platforms, including streaming and on demand), making it the most-watched series in Showtime’s history. The finale also became the channel’s biggest finale since the season 3 finale of “Homeland” in 2013, drawing 5 million viewers (across all platforms) on Sunday alone, a number that will grow across the week. “Dark Passenger Jr.,” are you in our future?


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