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Flooding at Hampton Beach causes road closures, ties up first responders

Flood waters cover Perkins Avenue and Auburn Avenue Extension in Hampton, N.H., at high tide Monday morning, Jan. 17, 2022.DaVe McComb

HAMPTON, N.H. — Coastal flooding in this New Hampshire beach town filled neighborhoods with seawater and washed debris across some roads, including Route 1A (Ocean Boulevard), which was closed for several hours on Monday.

The water had mostly receded by evening and left behind large puddles on the narrow roads that run between condominiums, motels, and small beach houses near the marsh to the west of the beach community.

Ashworth Avenue, Brown Avenue, and Lafayette Road were all closed during the high tide, while G Street and L Street had between two and three feet of water, officials said.

Several homes still had water pooling in their yards Monday night.


The flooding caused some vehicles to get stuck as they tried to pass through, putting a strain on first responders as they were dispatched to multiple calls, the Hampton Police Department said on Twitter.

DaVe McComb watched the flooding from the third floor of his Hampton Beach condo on Auburn Avenue as debris washed down the street. He said some water seeped into his garage, but the damage was minimal.

“I was a bit shocked,” he said. “Seems it was trash day as well, so trash bins and bags were floating down the street. It was a mess.”

Along the coast, heavy waves broke onto the shore and across some main roadways, bringing large rocks with it. The New Hampshire Department of Transportation and Hampton Public Works sent plow trucks to clear the debris before the roads could be reopened, according to video posted on Facebook by the Hampton Police Department.

Jessica Cruz, who rents a house on Perkins Avenue, said she has seen flooding in the area several times but hadn’t seen the water level get this high before.

“The area floods a handful of times throughout the winter, but not like this,” she said. “Usually, we will get an inch or two in the driveway. This was much worse than the flooding we got on January 2nd and 3rd, which was recorded as the highest tide in a while.”


Cruz said the water came within inches of her house but didn’t cause any damage. She said the water rose to about a foot in her driveway.

“Thankfully, our place was fine,” she said. “The flood just left a ton of trash all over area.

“Hopefully the high tide tonight isn’t as bad,” she added. “We will be moving our vehicles just in case. Full moon always makes for higher tide.”

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