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Woman allegedly throws sauce packets at Burger King in Milford, damages drive-thru

A woman who allegedly threw packets of hot sauce at an employee, and also damaged a drive-thru window at a Burger King restaurant in Milford, is facing a slew of charges, according to police.

But Milford police must still locate the woman who apparently was so unhappy with her meal that she also allegedly scratched the employee as she tried to get her money back and climb through the window during her visit to the restaurant on Friday, police said.

Police on Tuesday were still looking to locate the woman. At least one other person was with her in a Honda SUV, believed to be either brown or gray. The vehicle had a paper out-of-state license plate attached to it, Sergeant Ed Varteresian said.


The woman is facing charges of assault and battery, malicious destruction of property over $1200, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace, police said in a Facebook post.

The woman had yelled at the employee while in the drive-thru window, and then began to berate the employee while demanding her money back, he said.

The employee was scratched when the woman reached into the window to take her money back, Varteresian said. The employee was not seriously hurt, and she did not need to go to the hospital.

The woman pulled on the drive-thru window, breaking it in the process, he said. She then attempted to climb through the window and threw around restaurant supplies, such as sweet and sour sauce packets, before driving around the parking lot then leaving.

During the incident, another employee called the police, but the woman had left by the time they arrived, he said.

The employee also saw that her car was missing the rearview mirror, and she believed the same woman broke it off, he said.

The search for the woman is ongoing.


Madison Mercado can be reached at madison.mercado@globe.com.