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A Patriots vs. Bills do-over in the Trumpadrome

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones tries to elude pressure from the Buffalo Bills defense in the AFC wild-card game Jan. 15 at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, N.Y.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

The New England Patriots beat Buffalo, and it wasn’t close. It was a landslide. (I’ve learned so much from Donald Trump.)

You saw what happened. The Pats started out 0-0. Down by just a touchdown, Mac Jones was intercepted on a pretty good play, a very good play. Why wasn’t that a touchdown? The referees called it an interception, so they’re obviously losers, in on the scam. Maybe enemies of the people.

I stopped watching for a while, and when I came back, the score was 20-0. Obviously rigged.

The local sportscasters also said the Bills won; they’re corrupt, too.

The system is rigged. I’m calling for a gathering outside the NFL offices in New York, which will be wild. Go ahead, get rough-and-tumble. We’ll show them.


I’ll be right there with you.

Patriots won!

Peter Ward