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Get Tasting Counter’s preserves, sauces, and vinegars to use at home

TC Market products, made with local ingredients, are now in stores

Somerville’s Tasting Counter TC Market products.Handout

Tasting Counter, the ticketed tasting-menu restaurant in Somerville, sells its house-made preserves, sauces, and vinegars that the chefs use in the restaurant under the label TC Market. Many of the ingredients are sourced throughout New England. Among the choices are jars of Very Berry, which brim with ripe, juicy summer berries, a joy in the dead of winter. “They were preserved in the summer so you can enjoy it throughout the year,” says co-owner and chef Peter Ungár. Other preserves with plums or strawberries are created from fruits that were lacto-fermented and blended with fresh fruits. What emerges is a complex jam with layers of savory and sweet. The other offerings are lacto-fermented finishing sauces, a time-consuming endeavor. “The fermentation process develops slowly over three months,” Ungár says. Even a tablespoon or two gives an everyday dish depth of flavor. One choice, Green Pea Miso, is produced with springtime organic green peas and lends an earthy, herbal flavor to soups, vinaigrettes, or sauces. Another, Shio Koji, a complex paste made by fermenting shio koji rice, can bring a kind of umami to a sauce and subtle sweetness. Use it the way you would soy sauce or miso. Staples like preserved lemons, craft beer vinegar, a vinegar prepared from apple cider, and tangy and smoky hot sauces are offered, too. “These are an ace up your sleeve when you’re cooking,” says Ungár. The line is available at Tasting Counter, 14 Tyler St., Somerville, 617-299-6362, or visit tastingcounter.com/TCMarket. The products are also sold at Cambridge Naturals, 23 White St., Cambridge, 617- 492-4452, and 92 Guest St., Brighton, 617-208-8881; Formaggio Kitchen, 358 Huron Ave., Cambridge, 617-354-4750; and Bacco’s Wine + Cheese, 31 St. James Ave., Boston, 617-574-1751.


Ann Trieger Kurland can be reached at anntrieger@gmail.com.