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Baseball Hall of Fame

What Curt Schilling, Roger Clemens said after falling short in Hall of Fame vote

Curt Schilling congratulated former teammate David Ortiz on his Hall of Fame induction Tuesday evening.Chin, Barry Globe Staff

Two former Red Sox pitchers who missed out on the Hall of Fame in their 10th and final years on the ballot Tuesday night issued statements shortly after the final decision came down.

Curt Schilling, who received 58.6 percent of the vote, took to social media to praise former teammate David Ortiz.

“Every year the conversation revolves around who didn’t get in. Like all star voting, who got cheated. I say it every year and especially this year, focus on who did get in. [David Ortiz] deserved a [first] ballot induction! Congratulations my friend you earned it!”


Clemens, who received 65.2 percent of the vote, said it was a long time since he had been concerned with the idea of being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

“Hey y’all! I figured I’d give y’all a statement since it’s that time of the year again. My family and I put the HOF in the rear view mirror ten years ago. I didn’t play baseball to get into the HOF. I played to make a generational difference in the loves of my family. Then focus on winning championships while giving back to my community and the fans as well.

“It was my passion. I gave it all I had, the right way, for my family and for fans who supported me. I am grateful for that support. I would like to thank those who took the time to look at the facts and vote for me. Hopefully everyone can now close this book and keep their eyes forward focusing on what is really important in life. All love!”

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