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Giving up the love for Big Papi

I absolutely loved Chad Finn’s piece on David Ortiz’s election to the Baseball Hall of Fame (“After giving so much to Red Sox fans, no one deserves the Hall call more than David Ortiz,” Sports). Finn’s expression of joy, appreciation, and affection shines. How wonderful that our sports heroes can also be good guys. I am unmoved by those who question Ortiz’s integrity. He has spent a lifetime showing everyone he is both a premier athlete and a generous soul. What more can we ask of our sports figures? Congratulations to him and congratulations to Finn for writing so lovingly about what Big Papi has meant to Boston.

Andrew Anway



I just want to applaud whoever created the online interactive home run map showing Big Papi’s home runs. It was fun reviewing HRs, and checking out various wins/losses/walk-offs, and other stats.

Thank you so much for this. LOVED IT!

Cindy Ouellette