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Are these guys looking for Dunkin’ in a blizzard the most Massachusetts people ever?

Screen capture of two men being interviewed by a TV reporter during the January 2022 blizzard.Screen capture

What do you do when your cable cuts out during a bomb cyclone?

Strap on your ski goggles and enter the squall in search of an open Dunkin’.

That’s what two guys in Scituate decided to do Saturday, and along the way they stopped for a quick interview with WCVB-TV reporter Peter Eliopoulos.

The interview lasted only a minute, as snow blew sideways into their faces and a street sign wobbled in the wind behind them, but Eliopoulos managed to get their quick takes on the storm, Tom Brady’s retirement (maybe), and their unsuccessful quest to Dunkin’.


Of the storm, one of the men, Todd, said it was a “pretty good one. Top five.”

Asked about Brady’s potential retirement after a legendary and lengthy career, Todd shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. Is Gronk next then, I guess?”

The other man, Roman, seemed disappointed. “I thought he had a couple more years, maybe.”

Eliopoulos asked where the two men were heading.

“We’re trying to find an open Dunkin’ Donuts,” Todd said, before turning toward the camera and, again, shrugging his shoulders and holding up his hands in defeat.

Eliopoulos: “Can’t find ‘em.”

Todd: “No.”

Eliopoulos: “Yeah. It’s tough.”

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