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A new Lego creation: the Boston space saver

LEGOLAND Discovery Center cleared it’s own mini parking spot using their own mini space saver after the snowstorm.LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston

While space savers in Boston had to be removed from city streets by 6:00 a.m. Wednesday, at least one special spot could still be spotted among the mounds of “snow.”

That would be at LEGOLAND Discovery Center, where snow made of plastic bricks recreated the weekend Nor’easter.

Playing along with Boston’s space saving tradition, the center’s Master Model Builder, Sean Martin, created a snow drift in MINILAND following Saturday’s blizzard that left nearly 2-feet of snow in parts of the city.

Martin cleared out a space and placed a red LEGO beach chair to save the space, so that other LEGO Minifigures won’t steal the coveted spot. Martin, who built the 1.5 million-piece replica of Boston, made clearing the snow look a lot easier with a small LEGO shovel, with no snow blower in sight.


Visitors to LEGOLAND are challenged to find all of the multiple space savers and snow drifts across MINILAND when they visit, said Rachel Meissner, the general manager of LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston, in an e-mail.

“Bostonians love anything created out of LEGO® that relates to the area they love and this was no exception,” Meissner said.

MINILAND is always getting new additions to fit the city, such as transforming the Frog Pond in the Boston Common to an ice skating rink with LEGO penguins, snowball scenes and children sledding, Meissner said.

Madison Mercado can be reached at madison.mercado@globe.com.