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Postcards from Beijing

‘It’s surreal here in the Athletes Village’

Zack DiGregorio, 20, is a US Luge athlete from Medway.Courtesy Zack DiGregorio

Local athletes competing for Team USA at the 2022 Winter Olympics will share occasional dispatches about their experiences in Beijing with Globe readers during the Games.

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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2022

“Not to be cheesy, but ...”

Zack DiGregorio of Medway is competing in his first Olympics as a member of the US luge team. Here’s his postcard:

The travel to China went smoother than I expected. Yes, we got tested a lot and yes, the flight is always very long, but other than that there wasn’t too much waiting around, only briefly after the flight.


It’s surreal here in the Athletes Village and makes the whole thing feel very special. You have so many world-class athletes all in the same place all wearing their country’s gear. As an athlete you know the hard work it took for every single athlete to get here.

I have had a mix of all the food here from the traditional Chinese food to the KFC [Kentucky Fried Chicken]. I can’t complain about any of it and it’s been very easy to settle in here.

The venues are incredible. The track is beautiful and has some very cool aspects, like being able to walk on the roof, which I haven’t seen anywhere else in the world.

Not to be cheesy, but my teammates have really shown me how proud I am to be part of team USA and how proud I am to compete for every single person back home who has helped me reach this point.

They still have the love and excitement I have with it being my first Games, even though they have been to 2 or 3 or 4 already. This makes me smile knowing that this feeling will come back every single time I am at an Olympic Games.