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Change climate change policies before the midterms

US Senator Ed Markey of MassachusettsChip Somodevilla/Associated Press

I’d like to thank the Globe’s editorial board for its support of Senator Ed Markey’s plan to advance, as a separate bill, the climate change provisions from the former Build Back Better bill (“Getting to 50 votes means meeting Manchin and Sinema’s demands,” Feb. 3). The possibility of the Republicans taking control of Congress in the midterms looms large. Rapidly moving forward with Markey’s plan will probably be our only hope for enacting meaningful climate legislation during the Biden presidency. Looking ahead to 2024, if the electorate decides to reelect Donald Trump or install a Florida Governor Ron DeSantis-like candidate into the Oval Office, that would effectively end all chances of addressing the climate crisis before the most dire effects become irreversible. The urgency of supporting Markey’s plan can’t be overstated.

Michael Dean