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A note from CEO Linda Henry and publisher John Henry

Dear Reader,

One hundred and fifty years is a long time. As we celebrate the Globe’s sesquicentennial, we have a tremendous amount of gratitude for our history and excitement for our future. The Boston Globe is a vital institution that has served this region through a century and a half of dramatic change. During that time, our newsroom has produced impactful journalism that has chronicled, and, in many cases, helped to shape the thriving hub of innovation that we proudly call home. Through it all, our readers have been essential to our mission, and your continued support ensures that the Globe will be here for decades to come.

We joined the Globe in 2013 because we value this community and are invested in the future of Boston. We know that strong local journalism provides in-depth coverage, analysis, and perspective on issues that are critical to the future of a region. We believe that New England thrives with a more healthy, vibrant Globe.

As our organization continues to grow and innovate, we are committed to bringing stories to life for you in creative and exciting ways. Our legacy demands it; our city requires it. We are thrilled to be expanding and enhancing our coverage of health care, life sciences, the climate crisis, technology, and innovation, and we will meet you wherever you want to engage with us, whether it’s flipping the pages of a print paper or scrolling on your phone.

What matters most is that we continue to keep our focus on serving our region through our journalism and through initiatives that directly help our neighbors. Truth, context, perspective, and community — they matter now more than ever.

We are so grateful to you for continuing to trust the Globe in the ways that you do and we are excited for the future. Cheers to the next 150 years, and thank you for your readership and support.

Linda Henry CEO, Boston Globe Media

John Henry Publisher, Boston Globe Media