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Which actor played Batman best? The votes are in, and we have a winner.

Who plays Batman best?Ryan Huddle

The new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves is now in theaters, and leading up to its premiere, we asked readers to consider the many actors who’ve donned the cape and cowl (or voiced the animated character) over the years.

The Globe’s Love Letters columnist and resident Batman expert Meredith Goldstein ranked her favorites, best to worst, with Kevin Conroy topping the list, followed by Michael Keaton, Will Arnett, and Val Kilmer (read the whole list). For Meredith, “the low voice needs to be just right,” and if it’s a live-action film, the actor must “move confidently in the suit.”


We also asked readers to vote for their favorite Batman, and after more than 4,000 votes, there’s a clear winner.

Michael Keaton was voted readers' favorite Batman.Ryan Huddle

With 33 percent of the votes, Michael Keaton was voted best Batman, followed by Christian Bale (27%), Adam West (18%), Kevin Conroy (12%), Will Arnett and Ben Affleck (3%), Val Kilmer (2%), and Jensen Ackles and George Clooney (1%). Time will tell where newcomer Robert Pattinson ranks in the bat pack.

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