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R.I. gas prices are getting out of control

Filling up your car is getting expensive.Bing Guan/Bloomberg

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Coronavirus updates

Rhode Island has 110.9 total new cases per 100K population in the past 7 days.

Vaccinated with two shots: 80.8 percent

Vaccinated with booster: 38.8 percent

New cases: 62 (3.4 percent positive)

Currently hospitalized: 90

Total deaths: 3,419

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Leading off

If you were reading Rhode Map while pumping gas one week ago, you were paying 65 cents less per gallon at the pump than you are today.


Gas prices continue to skyrocket in the US as the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine places stress on global oil markets, and Rhode Island sets record average highs on Monday and again this morning (the average price for regular fuel is now $4.246 a gallon), according to AAA.

That means Rhode Island has the second-highest average gas price in New England (after Connecticut), and the 14th highest in the country (if you include Washington, D.C.). The national average is $4.173.

Here’s a look at the states with higher gas prices.

California: $5.444

Hawaii: $4.718

Nevada: $4.674

Oregon: $4.588

Washington state: $4.546

Alaska: $4.502

Illinois: $4.425

New York: $4.366

Connecticut: $4.355

District of Columbia: $4.346

Pennsylvania: $4.314

Arizona: $4.291

New Jersey: $4.272

Rhode Island: $4.246

If your car drinks fancy gas, the average mid-grade rate in Rhode Island is $4.503 per gallon, and premium is $4.746 per gallon. For diesel fuel, it’s $4.854 per gallon.

The Biden administration and Congress are scrambling for a solution to rising gas prices, especially as they deal with an inflation challenge heading into the mid-term elections.


It’s unclear if Governor Dan McKee or Democratic leadership in the House and the Senate here at home are considering their own creative ways to address gas prices, but Republican congressional candidate and state Senator Jessica de la Cruz is already calling for the state gas tax, which is 34 cents a gallon, to be eliminated for the rest of the year.

If you’re on an all-out quest for the cheapest gas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas all still have gas prices below $3.74 a gallon, although prices are expected to continue to surge.

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