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Timetable for a tragedy

A single photo from a Western Ukraine train station captures the exodus now underway from the country.

Foto: Jure Eržen/Delo

Monday, March 7: The hand-altered timetable in the regional railway hub in Čop, Western Ukraine, which serves all the major Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv. The papered-over sections reflect routes and destinations that have been changed on the fly in response to Russia’s escalating invasion. One that appears throughout — Мукачево — is Mukachevo, a city in Western Ukraine to which many trains have been rerouted. Most trains out of Čop are now headed toward Záhony, Hungary, just 20 minutes over the border, and Košice, Slovakia. The hastily amended timetable embodies just how quickly Russia’s invasion changed life in Ukraine.

Boštjan Videmšek is an award-winning journalist, war correspondent, and playwright, and the author of six books. Jure Eržen is an award-winning photographer for the Slovenian newspaper DELO. His work has been published all over the world. Follow him on Instagram @jure.erzen.