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These Republicans voted to impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection. Where do they stand now?

Clockwise from left: Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, Utah Senator Mitt Romney, Maine Senator Susan Collins, Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, and Illinois Representative Adam Kinzinger.Wires

More than a year after the 10 House Republicans who cast their vote in favor of impeaching Donald Trump did so with the united belief that the former president should be held accountable for inciting the deadly Jan. 6 insurrection at the Capitol, a new election season is upon us and the political consequences of those decisions are becoming more clear.

Rather than the outcome of the vote — which saw Trump becoming the first American president to be impeached twice — serving to purge him from the party, it only appeared to strengthen his resolve and that of his most fervent supporters. In the year since the attack, even some who once condemned his actions on that day have coalesced around him and become proponents of his baseless claims related to election and voter fraud.


Those who stood against him now face the risk of an exile of their own, with Trump continuing to hold a strong grip on the Republican Party. He has gone on an endorsement spree in a number of races across the country in recent months, the results of which are testing his own standing as well.

Take a look below at what it cost Republicans to move to impeach Trump.

House Republicans

Senate Republicans

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