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We’re in for a dry, sunny stretch, which means pollen will be out and about

Pedestrians moved along a sunny crosswalk at Congress and North streets in Boston.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

Welcome to a dry stretch of weather. You’ve likely noticed the wind the past couple of days and it will diminish as we head into the overnight hours after plenty of sunshine and readings well into the 50s.

While the wind may be annoying, the trees are certainly taking advantage of it with lots of pollen moving through the air. Some of our most common trees, such as sugar maple red maples and even oaks, use the wind to pollinate.

The pollen moves through the canopy easily this time of year without any leaves to block it. The lack of rain the rest of the week and into the weekend means that the pollen count will continue to be quite high and if you are someone who suffers from spring allergies keep the medicine close at hand.


Under clear and relatively calm skies tonight, temperatures are going to fall rapidly. There will be a widespread frost tomorrow morning. There’s actually a frost advisory along the coastline but this doesn’t mean there won’t be frost inland.

The reason why you don’t see a frost advisory farther north and west is because we’re still in that time of year when frost is not unusual. This means the weather service doesn’t put out a warning, even though it’s going to occur.

Frost will be common early Thursday morning.NOAA Data

You don’t need to worry about all the blooming things that are out, however if you’re like me and you put out a few of your tender houseplants, it’s a good idea to cover them with a sheet or just bring them inside tonight.

With a blend of clouds and sunshine Thursday readings will get back at or slightly above 60 degrees and winds will flip around to the south, keeping it a little cooler over the Cape and Islands. Friday and Saturday are a pair of beauties, with highs Friday well into the 60s and just slightly cooler on Saturday.


Friday will be a warm day for late April with highs well into the 60s.NOAA

A bit of a sea breeze later this weekend will keep the coast quite a bit cooler. There may also be a few clouds mixing with the sunshine. It could be in the lower 70s around Hartford and near 60 and Worcester but only in the mid 40s by the time you get to Gloucester during Sunday afternoon.

Sea breezes will again keep the coast cool to start the work week next week, but inland areas could once again push 70.

A large temperature gradient this weekend means warm weather inland and a real chill at the beaches.WeatherBELL