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We’re looking at a fairly cool week ahead, but don’t expect much sunshine

A woman walks her dog.Michael Dwyer/Associated Press

We’re looking at a fairly cool week ahead with not a lot of sunshine for some days, but in the end I don’t think we’re going to see a lot of rain either.

Cool marine air spread over the region during the weekend and remains in place this morning. With the blend of clouds and sunshine, this afternoon will turn a bit milder with highs in the 60s over inland areas. It will remain in the 50s by the coast.

It will remain cool at the coast to start the workweek.NOAA

We could actually use a little bit of rain as things have dried out at the topmost layer of the soil. For those of us trying to start any seeds, this kind of dry weather can make it challenging. A frontal system will increase cloud cover overnight and I expect a lot of clouds Tuesday and Wednesday.


The best chance of rain is going to fall Tuesday afternoon overnight and into the commute Wednesday morning. During this time I don’t expect a lot of precipitation, but we could see a few showers. I think it’s also possible that some areas stay completely dry. The highest rainfall amounts will be over the southeastern parts of the state.

Some rain is possible through Wednesday, but most of it will fall south of Boston.WeatherBELL

For us to see more rain than I am forecasting, low pressure, which will form along the frontal system, would need to come further north. Right now, that’s just not in the cards. You may need to water your containers and newly planted things this week. By the time we get to Thursday and Friday, the sky should clear and temperatures will be back towards seasonable levels. The dry weather is likely to continue into the weekend.

Slightly cooler than average temperatures are likely as we head into May.NOAA

This dry spell does not mean we are in a drought by any stretch. The reality is Southern New England has not been in a drought for a few years. Most of the eastern part of the United States is fine in terms of moisture heading into the growing season but it is still exceedingly dry out west.


Most of the western half of the US is in some sort of drought conditions.NOAA