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We’re clear of rain, but expect some wind (and maybe one last frost!) ahead

Professional kite flyer Glenn Davison launched his trilobite fossil shaped kite on the hilltop field at the Fruitlands Museum in Harvard.John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Many of us think of March as a blustery month but April is going out on a windy note. The rain of last night will be the last we see for perhaps as long as a week as a stalled-out pattern takes hold.

A cold front pushes off the coastline early Wednesday as shown in this satellite loop.COD Weather

A storm developed on the cold front that brought about a quarter of an inch of rain locally overnight. As this storm heads into eastern Canada, it will continue to become stronger. The difference between that storm and high pressure to our west will create what we refer to as a pressure gradient. The larger this difference, the more the atmosphere has to use wind to try to balance out the discrepancy. Since that storm is going to remain stuck — or as meteorologists say, cut off from the jet stream — the wind isn’t going anywhere for a while.


Cut-off storm systems tend to be more common in spring as the atmosphere undergoes seasonal changes.

Winds will continue to be gusty as is shown above into Thursday morning. These are a sample of predawn wind predictions April 28th.WeatherBELL

I expect winds to gust close to 20 miles per hour at times today and near 30 miles per hour as we head into Thursday before slowly starting to back off Friday and Saturday. In addition to the wind, it’s going to be chilly in the mornings the rest of the week. That will bring wind chills down into the 20s both Thursday and Friday morning.

For those of you walking the dog or waiting for public transportation, you might have to grab some of that winter gear. Hopefully it’s not too far back in the closet yet.

Wind chill readings Thursday morning will be in the 20s for the region.WeatherBELL

Friday morning is the most likely day for a late-season frost. I wouldn’t worry about any plants that have come up or cold-weather vegetables you planted, but if you did put out something tropical either bring it inside Thursday night or cover it with a light sheet. I have a banana plant which is definitely going to need to be covered.


Rainfall will be below average the next week across the northeast.WeatherBELL

The lack of rain over the next week means you’ll be able to get outside and, in spite of the wind, do some gardening. However the lack of rain will also make it more difficult for those folks trying to germinate some grass seed or even some vegetables.

The chance of beneficial rain remains at nearly zero through next Monday or Tuesday before things become a little more active thereafter. Of course that is so far in the future that any details on timing or amounts are as yet unavailable.