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The work week will conclude on a chilly note, but changes are on the horizon

A springtime photo opp on the Boston Common.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

The wind will continue to be noticeable as we conclude the work week on a chilly note, but there are changes on the horizon. It has not been a particularly windy month compared to average, but there have been a notable number of days with wind gusts over 40 knots.

The number of windy days that occur in April has varied over the years.NOAA data

No matter how chilly it may feel, the next couple of mornings, the sun will be on the move, and by noon, it will reach just 10 degrees shy of its highest point for the entire year. To put how high the sun is getting during the day in perspective, by 9 a.m. today, it’s now higher than it was the entire month of December and much of January. This additional solar strength means you definitely need to put on sunscreen, but also that we can’t keep the cold air in place much longer.


The final day of April will bring over 14 hours of daylight to the region.TimeandDate.com

A storm in eastern Canada will begin to relax its grip over the weekend as winds slack and temperatures rise. After being in the mid-50s today, temperatures will reach near 60 on Saturday and well into the 60s for Sunday, with a lot of sunshine. It will be cool at sunrise with many inland areas in the 30s and a touch of frost. The dry air will mean that if you have any early window boxes or are trying to start some vegetables, you’ll need to augment with your own water source.

A storm over eastern Canada will continue to bring windy and cool conditions to New England.COD Weather

Fire danger is also elevated through the weekend. You might not be able to get a permit from your local town today with the higher wind and low humidity. The upper level pattern will undergo further changes next week with the night staying in the 40s to near 50, with daily highs in the 60s. I don’t see any early heat as of yet, but it’s likely that we’re done with the 30s for this season after Saturday. May will be a very bright month and the beginning of solar summer, which starts May 5. Those are the brightest three months of the whole year!


Greater Boston and Cape Cod have been the driest areas in New England in the past month.NOAA

Precipitation has been below average the past couple of weeks. Nothing out of the ordinary as of yet, and we could see some natural rainfall Tuesday or Wednesday. However, it’s equally likely there’s nothing significant.