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Olivia Rodrigo in the driver’s seat at Roadrunner

Olivia Rodrigo performs for a sold-out crowd at Roadrunner.Ben Stas for The Boston Globe

The signs dotting the street outside of Allston’s new concert hall Roadrunner earlier this week were firm: “NO CAMPING OUT ALLOWED.” Olivia Rodrigo, the Disney alum turned premier chronicler of adolescent (and adult) heartbreak, was headlining the general-admission space on Tuesday night, and anyone who wanted to get near the front of the sold-out show would have to wait until 6 a.m. that day to secure their spot in the audience.

Rodrigo, who went from starring as the Broadway-obsessed Nini Salazar-Roberts on Disney+’s musical mockumentary “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” to pop ubiquity early last year with her cathartic debut single “drivers license” and its attendant album, the sweet-and-spiky “SOUR,” inspires a fervor among listeners of all ages. Just watch what happens in a room when the halting opening verse of “drivers license,” or the pogo-worthy guitar crunch of her other chart-topper “good 4 u,” kick in. Her songwriting blends raw emotion with cross-genre pop savvy, whether she’s reinventing the power ballad for the TikTok era with the sweeping, acid-laced “traitor” or spinning cotton-candy clouds out of green-eyed monsters with the searching “déjà vu”; her voice has just the right amount of rubber on the more gut-wrenching moments, but can easily tear into a punk-inspired whine when the occasion calls for it.


Olivia Rodrigo performs at Roadrunner before a sea of camera phones. Ben Stas for The Boston Globe/The Boston Globe

While those in Tuesday’s crowd might not have been able to sleep on Guest Street in preparation for Rodrigo’s show, they were primed and ready for her to take the stage, singing along with the between-set song selections and upping their frenzy quotient when One Direction’s 2015 track “Olivia” came up on the playlist. Rodrigo and her band kicked into the “SOUR” opener “brutal,” a swaggering, noisy rebuke to anyone idealizing youth (“They say these are the golden years/but I wish I could disappear,” she sneers as riffs crash around her) that could have fit in on a 25-year-old WFNX playlist.


From there, Rodrigo raced through a compact, high-energy set where she switched off between being seated at the piano and cavorting around the curtain-and-disco-ball-decorated stage. The set list included all 11 tracks on “SOUR,” as well as the 2019 “Musical” weeper “All I Want” — the first song she wrote, she noted to the audience. She also included two covers that nodded to her place in the pop firmament: Avril Lavigne’s exasperated 2002 cut “Complicated” and Veruca Salt’s 1994 exploration of female rage “Seether.” Both nestled right in with Rodrigo’s catalog, their blend of breaking-point emotion and potent hooks sounding vibrant decades after their initial releases; credit is due to those songs, obviously, but also to Rodrigo, whose overflowing charisma and vocal prowess have breathed new life into pop over the last year and a half.


With Holly Humberstone. At Roadrunner, Tuesday night

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