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While it’s wet today, it’ll be amazing tomorrow

A woman walked under an umbrella along the Charles River.Suzanne Kreiter/Globe Staff

The thing about New England is that you can have back-to-back days that are completely different, weather-wise and the contrast between today and tomorrow is certainly notable.

A storm system will push a frontal system through the region later this evening. Ahead of it, a couple of areas of showers bring anywhere from a 10th to a quarter of an inch of rain. Wednesday’s rain will be in the form of waves of precipitation, with gaps of no rain in between.

The final push of rain comes between 6 and 8 this evening and there might be a downpour or even the rumble of thunder with that one. Of course if you do experience a thunderstorm, total rainfall will be locally higher.


An area of showers was moving through the northeast Wednesday late morning.COD Weather

The clouds and precipitation keep temperatures from reaching beyond 55 degrees this afternoon and any outdoor plans can certainly be interrupted.

It’s a totally different story for tomorrow as the clouds depart overnight with temperatures holding in the upper 40s.

This relatively mild start acts as a nice springboard for Thursday and with strong May sunshine, readings will reach within a few degrees of 70 in the afternoon. The exception to this will be the usual spots on Cape Cod that stay in the 60s and even 50s closest to the water.

A wet weather system stalls near the mid-Atlantic early this weekend.COD Weather

There’s not much rain in the forecast if any through the weekend. You’ll notice a brilliant start to the day on Friday with lots of sunshine but that will fade behind clouds as a storm begins to bring rainfall to the mid-Atlantic.

This storm will take a track that, in winter, would bring a healthy snow storm to places like New York City, Philadelphia, and maybe even D.C. But here we would just see the cloud shield.

In May it means that area south of us is going to see rain and we will just be on the cool cloudy side for Saturday. Temperatures will struggle into the 50s with a northeasterly wind keeping that ocean air over us.


A wet weather system stalls near the mid-Atlantic early this weekend.COD Weather

Sunday is of course Mother’s Day. It won’t be any rain and there should be copious sunshine, but temperatures aren’t going to be very warm with that persistent wind off the water keeping us in the 50s.

If you’re taking Mom for a walk or an outdoor dining experience, I suggest layering up so no one is chilly.

Look for moderating temperatures early next week and a continuation of mainly dry and sunny skies.