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5 notable moments from week 4 of the Amber Heard-Johnny Depp defamation trial

This combination of two separate photos shows actors Johnny Depp, and Amber Heard.Elizabeth Frantz/Associated Press

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp are suing each other for defamation, and during the fourth week of the trial, Heard took the stand, testifying against her ex-husband, whom she alleges physically and sexually assaulted her during their volatile relationship.

Heard, 35, wrapped up her second day of testimony on Thursday, describing in graphic detail multiple incidents where the actor allegedly attacked and violated her. Depp, 58, testified last week, describing Heard as the alleged abuser in the relationship. But Heard’s testimony this week included several shocking allegations. Through tears, the actress detailed several.

Here are five of the most surprising moments from the Heard-Depp defamation trial taking place at the Fairfax Country Circuit Court in Virginia. The trial is now on recess until May 16.


Heard alleges Depp attacked her on a flight from Boston to Los Angeles

On Thursday, Heard detailed an incident on a flight from Boston to LA where she and Depp got into a argument and Depp allegedly kicked her in the back.

In May 2014, while Depp was filming “Black Mass” in Boston and Heard was filming “The Adderall Diaries” in New York, Heard said she picked up Depp in Boston to fly back to LA for his daughter’s birthday. According to Heard, Depp was angry and jealous that she was making a movie with actor James Franco that included a kissing scene.

“He hated, hated James Franco,” Heard said on the stand.

As soon as they set foot on the private plane, Heard said she “just knew something was wrong.” Depp’s breath, she said, “wreaked of weed and alcohol.” Heard said Depp began berating her about her scenes with Franco, asking her if she enjoyed them. Heard said she got up to walk away, but Depp followed her. She testified that he began throwing ice cubes and utensils at her. Heard also alleged that Depp then slapped her and later kicked her. Heard claimed that no one on board the plane intervened to help.


Heard told the court that Depp then asked the flight attendant for an oxygen tank, continued to drink, and “passed out in the bathroom with the door locked.”

Depp testified earlier in the trial and described the plane incident differently. He denied that he was drunk, and said Heard initiated the argument. Depp said he eventually hid in the bathroom.

Heard alleges Depp sexually assaulted her

On Thursday, Heard detailed an incident that has become a focal point of the trial. On a trip in Australia while Depp was filming the fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” in 2015, Heard recounted the night where Depp allegedly severed part of his middle finger, revealing new, horrific details.

Heard testified that Depp took MDMA and became “belligerent” and attacked her, allegedly hitting her in the face, throwing her across the room, ripping off her nightgown, and grabbing her by the neck.

At some point during the altercation, they argued over Depp’s drinking. Depp was holding a bottle and taunting her to take it away from him. Heard said she picked it up and slammed it on the tile floor.

“That really set him off,” Heard said, adding that Depp then started throwing bottles at her, and allegedly held a broken bottle up to her neck and threatened her. At one point, Heard alleges, Depp sexually assaulted her with a bottle.

“I just remember thinking, ‘Please god, please. I hope it’s not broken,” she said on the stand. She said after the attack, she found messages written in blood and paint on the walls and on objects in the room.


Heard testified that Depp severed his finger when he picked up a phone and smashed it into pieces. Last week, Depp testified that his finger was severed when Heard threw a handle of vodka at him that shattered on his hand.

Heard recounts Depp trying to recover while filming “Black Mass” in Boston

Heard said the months following the plane incident were “agonizing,” and that she resolved to leave Depp.

A new doctor had been hired to help Depp with his alcohol and drug recovery while he was filming “Black Mass” in Boston. The plan was to “maintain” Depp’s prescription pills and pain killers as he continued filming, but he would abstain from drinking and other drugs, Heard alleged.

Heard testified that Depp’s behavior changed drastically over this period. She said Depp would fall asleep mid-sentence, and wake up screaming or crying in the middle of the night. She said she later learned Depp was taking double the amount of medication that he was supposed to, and she alleges Depp lied to his doctor to get “extra high.”

Heard alleges Depp “headbutted” her during altercation

In December 2015, Heard said she and Depp got into an argument, and Depp was chasing her and allegedly dragging her around their apartment by her hair. Heard’s lawyer presented photos that appear to show clumps of Heard’s hair that Depp allegedly pulled out on the floor.


Evidence showing pictures of US actress Amber Heard's hair appeared on a screen during the defamation trial.JIM LO SCALZO/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Heard said Depp challenged her to get back up after he shoved her to the ground. When she got up, she said Depp “balled up his fish, leaned back and head butted me square in the nose.” Heard then told Depp she was leaving him that night. Depp then allegedly threw her on the bed, kneeled on her back, and punched her multiple times in the back of the head.

“I thought this is how I’m going to die,” Heard said. “He’s going to kill me now. And he wouldn’t even realize it.”

Heard’s lawyers showed the court photos of Heard’s bruises, black eyes, and a broken nose.

Heard and Depp almost run into each other in the courtroom

Throughout the proceedings, many have commented on how Depp has appeared to refuse to look at Heard. On Thursday in court, right before an afternoon break, Heard and Depp appeared to make eye contact before almost running into each other while exiting the court.

In a clip circulating online, a security guard stretches his arms out between the two actors before they got too close. Depp then turned the opposite direction, while another security guard escorted Heard to the other side of the room.

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