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It’ll be cool early this week, but summer heat is on the horizon

Depending on your perspective, this week will either be a great week of weather or a little too much summer too early.

A large storm system continues to meander off the Mid-Atlantic Coast and will slowly move South over the next couple of days. The gradient, or the difference in pressure between that storm and high pressure to the north, brought our windy conditions this weekend. That breeze will continue today.

A storm continued to spin off the Atlantic coastline this weekend.COD Weather

Water temperatures are only in the 40s to near 50 degrees this time of year. Any time there’s wind coming off the Atlantic, it will keep the coast a lot cooler than inland areas. This afternoon, shoreline communities will stay in the 50s but once you get west of 128 temperatures will get up towards 60 degrees. Remember that even though it’s not very warm, the sun is now as strong as it would be in the final days of July and the beginning of August. This means you can get quite burned without sunscreen. It also means that your car can become really warm if the windows are closed. We’re into that season where you shouldn’t be leaving pets in the vehicles.

Temperatures Tuesday afternoon will stay in the 50s at the coast, but be in the 60 degree range well inland.WeatherBELL

This pattern of cool coastal air and seasonable inland temperatures continues through Wednesday. You’ll notice the winds diminish tomorrow and even further on Wednesday. It will also be quite chilly again tomorrow morninginland, dropping into the 30s, with a touch of frost in the coldest spots. This is why it is still too early to put out tomatoes, peppers, basil, and the other warm weather plantings.


Thursday through Saturday brings about a taste of summer. Just like in summer, the Cape and the islands will be significantly cooler, staying in the 60s, but inland areas will reach 80 on Thursday and well into the 80s for Friday and Saturday. Depending on exactly where you are east of I-95 will determine just how warm you are. There can be a difference of 20 degrees in as many miles in these patterns. It also wouldn’t surprise me if some spots west and southwest of Boston end up near 90 degrees either Friday or Saturday. Notice the huge temperature contrast on the GFS model for Saturday afternoon between the coastal plain and Inland areas.


The GFS model has some areas near 90 Saturday, but the coast remains quite chilly.WeatherBELL

A transition on Sunday will bring more clouds and perhaps some showers later in the day or early next week. By that time, many areas will not have had rain for well over a week, and you’re going to need to water your containers or any newly plantings regularly until then.