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MIAA Board approves 1.75 percent increase for 2023 budget

The MIAA Board of Directors approved a budget for Fiscal Year 2023 that includes a 1.75 percent increase from 2022.

During a virtual meeting Tuesday morning that lasted less than an hour in public session, the board voted, 19-0, to accept the proposed budget of $6,120,000 for the school year beginning July 1, up from the $6,015,000 approved budget for FY22.

The two biggest line item increases are Fees, and Building and Grounds. A projected $70,000 increase in legal expenses accounts for a large majority of the $76,500 difference in fees, while capital projects ($213,000) accounts for nearly all of the $226,613 difference in Buildings and Grounds.


On the revenue side, the board last October approved a new Institutional Dues structure that is projected to account for nearly 20 percent of the budget ($1.23m, an increase of $19,000).

Tournament income is projected to increase by $175,000, but MIAA associate director Sherry Bryant cautioned they have yet to see the effects of a spring season with the shift to the new statewide format.

“And again, it’s one year,” Bryant said, noting that factors such as weather, matchups, and facilities usage can change projections. “There’s a lot still to learn from this.”

Changes to line items for Educational Athletics (decreased offerings, move to virtual) and Game Officials (no background checks in FY23 as part of a three-year cycle) were significantly lower on both the revenue and expense sides.

Executive director Bob Baldwin noted that salaries are down roughly $27,000 as roles and responsibilities within the association are reassessed.

“It’s kind of a one-time readjustment,” Baldwin said, adding that he hoped the FY23 budget would be a baseline for the next few years. “Moving forward, I don’t think there’s any way we can maintain a 1.75 percent increase, but this one time we were able to reset and readjust.”


Baldwin also told the board he was optimistic that the increase in legal expenses could be a one-year item as the MIAA goes through an assessment of its structure and codifies its rules.

In other board business:

▪ Baldwin told the board he hoped to conclude the hiring process for a new assistant director by the end of May, but that any new position would be worked into the budgeted salaries. Baldwin also emphasized additional areas of focus such as knowledge/awareness of rules, crowd control and behavior, and eligibility issues with students attending virtual schools.

▪ The board unanimously approved new membership applications from Trinity Christian Academy (Barnstable); Libertas Academy Charter School (Springfield) and Neighborhood House Charter School.

▪ At the conclusion of its final meeting of the 2021-22 school year, the board acknowledged outgoing members Pamela Gould (Sandwich superintendent), Brian McCann (Case principal) and Peter Rittenburg (Brookline athletic director).

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